Thursday, January 06, 2011

2nd Chances

It's a feel-good story that is sweeping the nation. Ted Williams, an ex-drug addict and alcoholic, found himself a homeless beggar. His piece of cardboard acknowledges that he has a God-given gift: his voice. And what a voice it is!

Since being "discovered," Ted has been offered a number of jobs. According to "Good Morning, America" today, he has accepted a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers as an announcer. They will provide him a house, as well as a salary.

In an interview, Williams thanked God for giving him a second chance. I love that!

But then I got to thinking: What would I put on my piece of cardboard in hopes of receiving a 2nd chance? What would you put?

Truth is we don't bring anything that causes God to say that we deserve a 2nd chance. And I am not suggesting that Mr. Williams meant that. We bring a tattered piece of cardboard -- covered with sin. And in return, we are bathed in grace.

I wish Ted Williams the very best! And I hope he continues to walk in grace.


Kristen said...

That is a great story. I just finished a great book about second (and third, fourth, etc.) chances. The key seems to be believing in yourself and trusting God's plan is better than yours. We could learn a lot from this man!

Kyle R. said...

I love grace.

But I don't understand it.

And I certainly have a lot to improve upon in living it.

This is a fantastic story. I love the fact that he is praising God. I heard about it this morning on my way to work.

Jeff said...

This was going to be my blog post this morning but I got sidetracked. I see he is having the opportunity to impact many people. I watched him on GMA this morning as was so impressed with his love for God and he is isn't afraid to put it out on the airwaves for all to know. I trust God will find ways to use this man and hope he will continue to allow God to direct his path.