Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Jerry Rant

P. T. Barnum once said 'There is a sucker born every minute." No doubt, Jerry Jones believes in that same philosophy. He is offering $250 tickets (must be bought in blocks of 4) to be able to be OUTSIDE THE STADIUM and watch the Super Bowl on video. That is outrageous! But guess what? People are scarfing these tickets up.

Having been a Cowboy fan for most of my life, I never cease to be amazed at the blind loyalty of the fans to Jerry's comedy act. By far, now the longest stretch of mediocrity in Cowboy history. And yet most people still view him as a "winner."

Here is another thing that I don't get, and I can't believe that the NFL has agreed to it. They are going to allow the above-mentioned fans who are going to be watching the game on a video screen to be counted as in attendance so that Jerry can claim to have hosted the largest Super Bowl in history. Why not count the people at the surrounding restaurants and bars who are watching the game? Let's just make up definitions for what "attendance" means. If someone drives by our church building on Sunday mornings, can we count them in our attendance figure? Or how about the nursing home residents that our deacons go and hold services with on Sunday morning? Or people who wished they could be there, but are sick at home.

I know, I'm on a rant again. Jerry does this to me a couple of times a year. The Cowboys used to be the class-act of the NFL. How they have fallen! Now, as much as I hate to admit it, the class organization is probably the Pittsburgh Steelers. So the Cowboys get to watch the two organizations that have historically been the biggest thorns in their side duke it out in THEIR backyard. How ironic is that?


Jeff said...

You and Jerry need to hang out more. I don't take issue with counting the paying customers standing outside the building as attendees since they paid money for the opportunity.

Here's how I'm getting Jerry back. I'm going to put my TV in the window and stand outside and watch it for free. That'll show him!

Kyle R. said...

Rick, Your post today cracks me up. I agree with you, especially about the long running mediocrity. It's a shame what the Joneses have done to Cowboys, in my opinion.

Jeff, Your post cracks me up even more. I think I may get Jerry back by not watching the Super Bowl at all.

bartsirmandvm said...

I couldn't agree more Rick. Well said.