Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Normal

I haven't blogged in a while. Last week was an interesting one. It began Monday when I went in for some oral surgery. That afternoon I began feeling bad, and when I got home I was running a high fever. So I stayed home sick for a couple of days. Then on Friday I had a medical procedure (test) that required intense preparation on Thursday. So my body was pretty worn out by the end of the week.

I still don't have anything to blog about today. I continue to be overwhelmed by what grieving people deal with. We made it through the holidays in a bitter-sweet way. More good moments than bad. But I have been blindsided by what I am going through now. As we approach a year since Jenny went into the hospital, every day I am reminded of what we were doing at this time last year -- and how healthy she was. Not a clue as to what awaited us in a matter of a few days.

Saturday Beverly and I went to Malaya's first basketball game. The last memory I have of Jenny before she entered the hospital was of her cheering for Malaya last year. I could hear her voice Saturday cheering her daughter on.

I rest in His peace.


bartsirmandvm said...

Attempts at words of comfort seem inadequate. I pray God's peace on you brother.

jason reeves said...

We pray for you all every day.

Jeff said...

I hurt for you, my friend and brother. I pray that God will continue to work in you and do the things that only He can do for you.