Monday, November 08, 2010

Praising God's Faithfulness

My family is so thankful for the way in which God is working in us through this most difficult of times. Since Jenny died, David has been pursuing some way he can get more on Malaya's school schedule. His business required him to work 60+ hours a week -- impossible with his new responsibilities. So this summer he obtained a teaching certificate that would qualify him to teach math. He had decided he would sub for a while, and then apply for any job openings.

Well, today he begins a FULL-TIME teaching job! He has been hired to teach 8th grade math. And get this: he is teaching at Malaya's school!

How incredible is that!

Our faithful Father can take even the worst situation and bring good out of it.


Jeff said...

I'm thankful for the opportunity and position David has now. An incredible blessing for him and Malaya. Glory to God for working in powerful ways.

Natalie said...

Not only is that great news for your family, but I am thinking of all of those 8th grade boys and girls who will learn under his teaching and example. Praising God for both!

Lauren said...

I'm praising God along with you for taking care of David, Malaya, and all of the rest of you! The Lord has taught me volumes through the intensely authentic way you and your family have chosen to trust and pursue Him in all seasons and circumstances. Blessings on the Ross family!

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

wow. that is cool! thanks for the update!/praise report

randy said...

Praise Him from all blessings flow.