Thursday, November 04, 2010

Keeping THE Kingdom Perspective

I used to listen to Limbaugh and Hannity when I would be going here or there in my car. When I made the decision to stop listening to this kind of stuff, it is amazing how much more at peace I felt about things. They (and others) seemed to keep me in a constant state of nervousness and unsettledness.

So I really appreciate and relate to the following words from Jeff Christian, as quoted by Edward Fudge:

"I said a prayer this morning (Tuesday, Nov. 2) thanking God that the political ads come to an end today. Personally, I DVR everything now and no longer watch commercials. Especially during seasons like this, however, I avoid them at all costs. In my humble opinion, no greater damage is being done to our contemporary culture than the colossal mind-numbing brainwash we volunteer for at the hands of political ads and 24-hour 'news.' It's just mean.

"Two years ago for Lent I decided to give up watching the news. I still stay informed through online newspapers, but that's about it. I learned a while back that I really do not need someone coaching me on what I need to fear. I have also come to learn that elections come and go, not that much ever really changes, and that the world got a lot simpler to me, not to mention less scary, when I embraced faith in an eternity that is not bound by what people name with venomous anger as all these clear and present dangers." -- Jeff Christian, "Fearlessness Restored," The Empty Pulpit (02 Nov. 2010).


Jeff said...

I agree.

I watch the news for the weather report and that's about all. I grew tired of all the negative stories about 4 years ago and I grew even more tired of the time I was spending investing in knowing every political candidate when I knew what they stood for on the campaign trail seldom matched what they stood for a year into office. Top that off with much of what they were standing for was our own selfishness and I have become completely turned off and tuned out.

I watched a little of the political reporting this week knowing it would make little, if any, difference in my life.

Good riddance.

Kristen said...

Wow. That is awesome. I do not watch the news either, but I just now realized why. I don't want to encourage or embrace fear. Thanks for sharing that perspective.