Monday, November 15, 2010

My Blog Status

Even though I have few comments on this blog, I have had so many people encourage me to continue blogging. As a result, I feel somewhat obligated to blog regularly.

However, for the last few weeks I just can't think of anything "blog-worthy." I'm kind of going through a blog desert right now.

So hang with me, those of you who have been encouragers. I'm not saying I am hanging up my blog. Rather, I will blog "as the spirit moves me." That may mean another blog tomorrow. Or it may mean it will be a couple of weeks.

I would ask that you keep my family in your prayers over this holiday season.

Blessings and peace.


Jeff said...

Obligated? I thought I was sending you $10 a month so I could read it. Isn't everyone paying?

As a fellow blogger I know the swings of posting something all the time. Take your time and the words will come when the time is right.

Your family are and will continue to be in my prayers for God to cover you with all He knows you need.

Kyle R. said...

I hope the blogs keep coming as they come to you.

I know you dread this holiday season.

Lauren said...

I will definitely be contending for you and your family over the holidays! Blessings to you, Rick!

Diane Mickelson said...

I have never left a comment but have read your blog for a long time generally checking the site out every couple of weeks.
Often your comments give me lots to think about and I appreciate your diligence and perspective.
I continue to lift your family up in prayer for comfort, focus and healing.
Diane Mickelson

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs. Kelley and I feel like we are kind of staying in touch with you and Bev when we read it. Loved seeing Bev and Malaya at WT girls' conference. I didn't know until I just caught up on your blog that David got a full time teaching job. That is absolutely wonderful! I'm sure he is a great teacher. God is good! Karen