Friday, July 13, 2007

The War in Iraq

What a great time it is to be with grandkids. We didn't get to see Truitt for long, but he has really changed. He is SO strong! It was nice to be with Josh and Kayci and to speak at their church. Tomorrow, Jennifer and Jed will be coming to spend nearly a week! I'm sure we will get to see Malaya some during that time as well. Things don't get any better than that.

The stock market went crazy yesterday. Kind of surprising -- with the price of gasoline going up. That is usually a rally-killer for stocks.

What would you do about Iraq if you were in George Bush's place right now? He did not make the decision to go into Iraq alone. Congress was supportive of it, too. But you wouldn't know it now -- the way they have all distanced themselves from the decision. Cowardly, if you ask me.

Yes, in hindsight maybe we shouldn't have gone into Iraq. But to abandon that mission now is going to embolden the terrorists. They will consider it a victory.

Regardless of how you feel about the issue, don't you sympathize with those who have to make the decision?


jross said...

It's difficult to answer this question without sounding ruthless. I think (opinion only) we have tried to be too politically correct with this war. It HAS become another Vietnam - a way for politicians to posture themselves for upcoming elections. You can't win wars by going where the enemy is not.

If I were the President? Besides putting Jack Bauer in charge, I would untie the hands of my generals and allow them to pursue ANY necessary means to take out the enemy. I might also put my V.P in his place. Cheney has not provided great counsel!

Anonymous said...


This war has sucked from the beginning, just like all wars. They are never fun.

There is, and will never be, a story-book ending in the war in Iraq.

Terrorists are bound to gain momentum whether we stay or whether we leave.

I pray for the Kingdom of God to come on earth as it is in heaven. I pray for more peace-makers in the world.


David said...

I would send Dick Cheney over there with planeloads of birdshot, a shotgun, and tell him that all the insurgents are really lawyers...