Thursday, July 26, 2007

From The Home of Catfish O'Harley's

Last night, Beverly and I traveled to Garland where we spoke on marriage to a group at the Saturn Road Church of Christ. We left in time to eat with her sister and her family -- in celebration of her sister's birthday. We ate at a Chinese buffet. Everything was going fine until her sister kept waving her napkin at Beverly's chair (she was trying to be non-chalant about it). There was a roach that was getting its exercise going up and down the back of Beverly's chair.

Needless to say, Beverly didn't get her fill of the buffet. That about did it for her.

At Saturn Road, it was good to see people who have meant a lot to us in our past. One couple had come over from Mesquite to hear us, and that was really special.

On a related note, I find it interesting when I tell people I am from Decatur, often their response goes something like this: "Decatur? We drive through there quite often as we're heading to ____________. We always stop at Catfish O'Harleys."

So I guess that's our claim to fame. It could be worse I suppose. Waco is known for a tornado and the Branch Davidians. Hunstville is known for its prison. Springtown was made famous in a song by The Steve Miller Band.

I'll take catfish. Although I would be willing to trade with Brenham -- known for Blue Bell Ice Cream.


jross said...

Good thing you're not Jewish. Catfish would be off the menu - but I think you could still eat the roach.

Beverly Ross said...

The roach was not that bad. I had a blast being seeing so many sweet friends and family! and being with you! I love when we speak together!

Jonathan said...

the roach would have freaked me out...i can guarantee my meal would have been free.

every time i tell people my parents live in decatur, there response is always, "georgia?"