Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Retirement, Troy!

Beverly and I have watched WFAA-channel 8 news since we 1st came to the Metroplex 14 years ago. For all those years (and many before that), Troy Dungan has been the lead weather guy. Not a meteorologist -- and he never tried to make anyone think he was. He left the title for the other people he worked with.

Always in his trademark bowtie. One thing that sticks in my mind vividly was when Christine Kahonek was one of the weather people at WFAA -- she had a miscarriage. Troy volunteered to give her his prime 5-6 PM spot and he took her spot until she could get through that difficult time. A class guy.

Also Troy is a man of faith -- and not of the closet variety either. I find it refreshing when celebrities live confident lives of faith. They don't have to be "in-your-face" about it. But consistently -- day in and day out.

Well, after over 30 years at channel 8, Troy retired last night. I'm going to miss him.


Jeff said...

I will miss Troy too. I missed his farewell last night and hate to see him go. The other weather folks on TV are all pretty good right now but Troy seemed to convey something more than just a weather report.

Jonathan said...

maybe in his honor, you should wear the bow tie...that would be special.

Kyle R. said...

I second the bowtie idea.

I'll expect Sunday sermon with a bowtie.:)