Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big-Time Traveler

We had a busy weekend, but it was really nice. Getting to see old friends was very rewarding. The marriage I performed was for a young man whom I had helped coach in T-Ball. His parents and Beverly and I were close friends -- enjoying movies, bowling and Cowboy games together back in the 80s. Good memories.

Yesterday a buddy of mine and I went to Possum Kingdom to play golf at The Cliffs. Wow! It was great. What a beautiful place! On the 4th tee, we had to wait as a deer crossed the tee box in front of us. As we traveled back, we had to slow down while a wild turkey made its way across the highway. I loved it!


jross said...

Did you hear that choking sound early Sunday afternoon. It was Sergio. Speaking of sports, that crooked NBA ref's house is only about 4 miles from mine.

We are in our rainy season now. It rains just about every afternoon with LOTS of lightening. So while golf is on hold for a little while, the watersheds are improving.

A while back you said I should watch the previous seasons of 24. I have now seen seasons 1-4, and am currently on season 5. Dianne and I are addicted.

randy said...

Wouldn't wanna get too excited about that turkey. Season doesn't open until November. Same for deer.

Did you scope out any good places for deer stands on the course?

Kyle R. said...

We had a lease for a few years that was 6 miles east of Possum Kingdom.

I killed my biggest buck ("Highboy") there almost four years ago. Also, come to think of it, the two best turkeys I ever got were there too. One was a four bearded gobler, the other had two beards.


That is beautiful country.