Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Fate of Darwinism

I am currently reading a book by Lee Strobel entitled THE CASE FOR GOD. In it, he describes how he was once an atheist -- due to a large degree by what he had been taught in high school about evolution. He went on to become an investigative reporter for one of Chicago's daily papers.

In this book, Strobel goes to leading scientists and interviews them about Darwinism and evolution. Admittedly, most of them question the theories that many have blindly accepted. But he also quotes a number of staunch evolutionists. His case is compelling -- as he chips away at each of the "proofs" offered by Darwinists.

I am convinced that within a couple of generations, Darwinism will be considered as laughable as the "flat-earth" theory of the Middle Ages.

If you find yourself struggling with belief issues, I would recommend Strobel. I have read THE CASE FOR CHRIST, so this is my 2nd read. He also has a book entitled THE CASE FOR FAITH.

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jross said...

I have all 3 books and started with "The Case For Christ" too. Strobel has done a great job in presenting a compelling argument for "the case(s)" for which he is exploring.

I believe the book you are reading may be entitled "The Case For The Creator" instead of "God". However, you may have a newer edition and he may have changed the title. I don't know.

God bless!