Monday, February 13, 2006

Warning: This Gets Sappy

Well, the concert was really good. Nicole Nordeman is incredible. And Casting Crowns' drummer is worth the money himself. I'll tell you: The lyrics to both Nicole's and Casting Crowns' songs could make for a great sermon series!

The men's breakfast was so good, too. Jerry Nicholas did the cooking, so you know that was great. But to hear our elders share the early stages of their vision for the church was incredible. I have such respect for these men. I'm excited!

Yesterday afternoon, I was channel surfing, and came across the movie, Sabrina. So, I began watching it (again.) Yes, it is a chick-flick. But it is such a great movie! Maybe it's because Harrison Ford is in it, and I can't help but so relate to his character in the movie. I bought it for Beverly several years ago, and have seen it a half dozen times. But the ending still gets to me. As he is in the taxi trying to get to his flight on the Concord -- but gets stuck in traffic. Sabrina's dad is his chauffer. He says, "You don't deserve her." Harrison Ford says, "But I need her." The dad stops the taxi and tells him to hurry -- then shouts her address to him as h takes off running for the airport. (yep, my eyes start to tear up.)

Then, when he arrives in Paris before her, and is waiting across the street. He walks across and says, "You told me I would have the time of my life in Paris. It must include you." (There I go. And I'm not even much of a cryer.)

I know I have disappointed some of you guys today. Sorry, but it's a great movie.

Tonight, the woman who completes my life and I are going out for Valentine's Day. I know, it's tomorrow night. But we both work on Tuesday nights, so we're celebrating tonight. I can't imagine life without this incredible woman! Tonight will be our 30th Valentine's Day celebration. And they just keep getting better and better.

Look out Pappadeaux's -- here we come!


jenny biz said...

The concert was great!! Thanks again for taking us. So Sabrina got to ya, huh? :)

Amy C said...

That is one of my all time favorite movies. Thanks for getting sappy. It is a blessing for us girls to hear you guys talk that way. You totally deserve her (Beverly). You are a great guy. You are blessed to have many wonderful women in your life. God gave them to you because of his amazing love for you. You are blessed among men. Amy Cooper