Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday's Filing

My dad's cousin passed away Wednesday. Lawrence was a wonderful, pleasant man. He was extremely proud of his Scottish roots, being only one generation removed from Scotland (his grandparents came over in 1906, and his mother was born shortly after.) A couple of years ago, when my granddad (his mother's brother) died, in lieu of flowers -- Lawrence had a Scottish bagpiper come to the graveside. It was very moving.

The family has honored me with the privilege of preaching his service. The graveside will be at the Veterans' Cemetery. I have done a couple of services there in the past. I don't cry very easily, but let me tell you: When those soldiers fold the flag and deliver it to the survivor and then they play taps -- I am moved to tears every time.


This Sunday, I am preaching on the text in Matthew 7: 1-6. It is probably the 2nd-most known verse by non-believers (John 3: 16 is probably #1). And yet, it is probably the most misquoted. "Judge not, lest you be judged." I think most people believe that Jesus was speaking this verse to 21st-century amoral America, and was saying, "Live and let live." As always, context is a wonderful thing!


On a lighter note: How about them Mavs? They are playing lights out! And TIger -- winning his 1st match 9 and 8. I've never heard of that before. His opponent had made a comment the day before about Tiger being vulnerable because of his poor driving recently. You would think people would learn: Don't poke a tiger with a stick.

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Can't wait for Sunday's sermon!