Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Treasures In Heaven

I'm working on a difficult text today and next week from Matthew 6. They are about putting trust in money and worrying about "stuff." And I stand convicted!

I guess I am a fretter by nature. When we 1st got married, I worried about making the car payment and if we would ever have a house. The next stage was how to pay for the kids' diapers. Then it was how to pay for the kids' braces. Then it was how to pay for the kids' college. Then it was how to pay for the kids' weddings. Then it was how to pay for the grandkid's everything!

Now, I've moved into a new chapter of fretting. Now it's how will I pay for our healthcare and will I ever be able to retire.

But as I look back over my list of "frets," there is a clear pattern here. God provided! He provided for every one of them. I didn't know how we would do it at the time, but every one of them were taken care of. Not one late payment. And we haven't missed a meal, either (I know, that is obvious).

So, you would think I would learn. "You cannot serve two masters." I choose with my heart to serve the One who has been faithful to me all the way. But I will continue to battle in my head. Because my head says, "2+2=4." But somehow, God makes 2+1-1/2=4." He always provides what I can't figure out.

So, these texts will capture my attention. Part of me is really looking forward to them. But part of me isn't, because they are a direct shot at the heart of my (lack of) faith.

LATE UPDATE!!!!! I just found out that Jonathan and Jennifer are going to have a boy! Jedidiah! Due in June.


Jeff said...

I look forward to the sermon even though it will be another one I'm tempted to wear ear plugs to so I won't hear you talking to me.

I appreciate your preaching and your desire to share the message so truthfully and so lovingly.

Beverly Ross said...

I can't until Sunday! I have loved this series!
I am so excited to share another grandchild with you! How cool - Jedidiah! Isn't he precious cute from the sonogram!

Liz Moore said...

I tend to be a "fretter" too. I think it has something to do with that meloncholy personality! Congratulations on the new grandbaby!!