Friday, February 10, 2006

Ramblin' Man

Hey, does it get any better than this? The Mavs beating Kobe and Shaq in the same week! And what's with Phil Jackson? Is it just me, or does he seem to be from another solar system?

Today it's rainy and cold here. I'm glad I snuck out yesterday afternoon and played golf. Friday is my regular day off, but I don't think I'd be out on the links today.

Tonight, Beverly and I are joining some friends and our daughter and her husband for a concert at American Airlines Center. We're going to see Casting Crowns and Nicole Nordeman. We have seen them both before, and they are really good. Should be a fun evening.

Tomorrow morning we are having a men's breakfast at the church. Our elders are wanting to hear what kind of dreams are on the hearts of our guys. I hope every guy's wife has filled their ears with ideas! I am grateful for our elders and their desire to move us to look beyond ourselves to something greater.

I'm just ramblin' today, OK. Not trying to make any theological statements or even profound ones. But have you ever wondered what the Moslem nations do for fun? They seem to just sit around looking for something to get upset with the world about. I don't think I've ever seen them smiling (I know, that is a generalization). They live by such a double standard. They can pronounce jihad against the world, call for the extermination of all Jews and death to the infidel (that's us). But someone draws some cartoons (I admit, that wasn't smart), and they get themselves worked up into a frenzy. I admit, I will probably never understand their world view. I just wish we could cold-turkey cut off all our dependence on them for oil. For one, we are indirectly funding much of their terrorist activity. And for another, they would lose their leverage with us.

Oh, well. Have a great weekend! And be careful what you draw.


Jeff said...

Don't stay out too late or you'll miss breakfast! That would be OK, though, as I'll eat your share and mine. :)

Amy C said...

I am jealous that you get to hang out with your awesome daugther Jenni and that you get to see casting crowns tonight. I wish we could cut all ties too with the muslims, but my car uses gas, and my fellow countrymen refuse to drill in Alaska and I love to ride in my car listening to the bible on CD while I waste gas. Don't tell shhhh. . .Amy Cooper

Beverly Ross said...

I am so excited about tonight! I have been counting the days down forever! (Well, at least it seems like it!)
I am delighted to be Decatur Church of Christ for 'such a time as this'! Can't wait to hear tails of the brainstorming tomorrow!

Liz Moore said...

Be on the lookout for Chris and Jermey tonight!! They have front row seats for the Casting Crowns concert! That was part of Jeremy's Christmas Present. I'm jealous!! Y'all don't have to much fun without me!

randy said...

I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.