Friday, February 17, 2006

ACU Lectures

Yes, the cold front has pushed through. We have known it was coming for several days. So, knowing I would not be able to play golf today, I went out yesterday afternoon. Interesting: Yesterday morning, the wind was blowing hard from the south. I got to the golf course about 2 PM, and the wind was calm -- temperature about 83. I played 11 holes with the wind hardly moving the flags. On the 12th tee, I was waiting for the group in front of me, when I could feel it. First, a slight breeze from the north. By the time I hit my tee shot, it was gusting to about 30 mph. Within about 20 minutes, the temperature had dropped into the lower 60s. Pretty incredible.

Beverly and I will be leaving tomorrow for the ACU Lectureship. We are looking forward to our time there. Sunday is Jonathan's last one as worship leader for the Southern Hills Church, so we will be with him and Jennifer. We will be staying with Josh and Kayci. It ought to be a great few days. I will blog in from Abilene next Monday and Tuesday.

Throw another log on the fire and keep warm!


Liz Moore said...

Texas weather is definitely is crazy. Only in Texas can it be 83 one day and 33 the next!! We will be in Abilene for Sing Song this weekend and are planning to go to Southern Hills. Hopefully we'll see you there! Have a safe trip.

Beverly Ross said...

I am so excited about this trip! Can't wait to be with you in Abilene! Cool! (or sould I say 'cold!')