Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Vote for Least Favorite Athlete

OK, my blogging creativity level is running low this morning. So, let's talk sports. I watched the Mavericks lay down against the Lakers last night. Actually, I turned it off at the end of the 3rd quarter and went to bed. What is it with the Mavs when they play the Lakers? I bet Kobe wishes they had the Mavs on their schedule about every other game. 62 points! And he sat out the 4rd quarter!

Well, allow me to express my negative side today. There are some athletes I just don't care for (I'm carefully choosing my words here). I can't even tell you why for some of them. So, here is my current least favorites in the major sporting world:

Football: Terrell Owens and Randy Moss

Basketball: Kobe Bryant and Shaq

Baseball: Barry Bonds (Sorry, Josh) and Alex Rodriguez

Golf (I know, it's not a major sport. But it's my sport, and this is my blog): Veejay Singh and Sergio Garcia

So, cast your vote today.


jenny biz said...

I think I am one of the few that actually likes Kobe. For some reason I have always believed in him:)
I guess if I was to say one I don't like--it would be Albert Pujols and any Red Sox. Just b/c they beat the Astros and Pujols just scared me everytime he got up to bat.

Rick Ross said...

what do you mean that you believe in kobe? I believe in him too. I believe he is an arrogant ball-hog.

I am so proud of you for responding to this blog, Jenny! You da' woman!

Shannon said...

Rick, I agree with you on Kobe! My least favorite baseball player(s) Barry Bonds and anyone in Yankee pinstripes! What is wrong with T.O.? He is just misunderstood and mistreated! Yeah right!!! He is my least favorite along with Moss and Mike Vick!

Beverly Ross said...

Ok - this is really hard for me! Rick and I have been im'ing this. I don't do well saying my least favorite anything, much less people. So I am going to list a couple of athletes that I struggle with because of personal choices they have made. Joe Theisman - once you hear his ex-wife's story, you can hardly watch him commentate on anything! I struggle with John Daly just because he continues to choose a life of addiction. Wow! Ok - I did it. But I'm not proud! Is Jerry Jones considered an athlete? I could go off on him.

Josh Ross said...

Jenny, when did the BoSox beat the Stros? Did you mean the White Sox?

As for football, I have to go with the kickers for the Cowboys, and TO's agent. TO is horrible, but his agent is in need of Jesus.

Basketball, I like Kobey too. As for someone on the court, only Allen Iverson is MORE FUN to watch. My least favorite--I have to go with a guy that retired--John Stockton. He's a jerk.

Baseball--I could do without Barry's attitude, but steroids or not, he is the greatest all-around player EVER. You can't argue against it. My least favorite is anyone on the Yankees. Johnny Damon has entered into that category now.

Golf--got to go with David Duval. What happened to you brother man?

jenny biz said...

Okay, now I feel silly! Yes, Josh, I meant the White Sox:)

Jeff said...

I like Shaq. He's even a sheriff kind of guy. Anyone on the Yankees or Redskins makes my do not like list. I don't care for Kobe or most of the Pacers either.