Friday, December 09, 2005

Hittin' the Malls

Today, Beverly and I head out to make our donations to the U.S. economy. As the stock market seems to pay a lot of attention to consumer spending, today might be a good day to invest. I enjoy shopping with Beverly. Just hanging out with her is guaranteed to be fun.

I saw a report this morning about a 5-year old girl who feels no pain. She is the only known person in the United States with this handicap. Sounds good on the surface. But think about it. When she teethed, she bit through her gums. So, they had to have her teeth pulled. When her eye itched, she didn't know when she had scratched it enough. So, one of her eyes had to be removed due to the damage she did to it. Pain is necessary to experience life in its fullness.

Wow! Talk about implications spiritually! In fact, Paul often makes references to our sufferings being for our own good. Hmmmm. There may be a sermon in the making here.


jenny biz said...

Hope you and Mom have fun!!

Jeff said...

A few hours at the mall and you'll likely know if your pain indicators are working.

Randy said...

Being snowed in at home is a reward. Having to go to the mall is the punishment.