Monday, December 05, 2005


My family has been blown away and touched at the number of people who have flowed to my daughter and provided her comfort and covered her with prayers over the last few days. What a blessing! Thank you -- each one -- so much.

Saturday, I spent about 6 hours with David,my son-in-law, hanging Christmas lights at our new house. David is such a great man with an incredible servant heart. I am really proud of my daughter's choice in a mate -- as well as a daddy for my granddaugher.

We are so loving this house! I had a fire in the fireplace yesterday (the 1st one ever at this house, although it is 4 years old). The firewood was a housewarming gift from Bob Clemans. I haven't had a real fire in a long time. I just love listening to the pop and crackle of wood burning.

Yesterday I preached from Matthew 5 -- where Jesus deals with the subject of "committing adultery in your heart." The response was absolutely incredible. I don't know if I have ever had so many positive comments from any sermon I have ever preached. Perhaps it is because this is such a huge problem, but we in the church have tried to pretend it's not. Yet, as I mentioned, statistics show 5 out of 10 men in churches in America struggle with pornography! We must talk about this! We must provide help!

From the comments on Friday's blog, I was surprised that several of you put "Little Drummer Boy" as your favorite Christmas song. I would have expected it from Jeff Jones, but not from some of the others:) I am available to provide counseling on this subject.


Beverly Ross said...

Thanks indeed! What a powerful affirmation of the family of God! Incredible blessing!
When I got home yesterday, I could still feel the warmth from the fire! Fun! (Thanks to Bob for the housewarming gift!)
All I have to say this morning is 'parumpapumpum'! Enjoy that sound in your ear all day!

Josh Ross said...

Wish I could have heard the sermon. I'm sure it was powerful.
I've seen stats that blow me away: 25% of ministers have sexual addictions. Or at the Churches of Christ NYCM, a conference for youth ministers, over half of the rooms in the hotel where they were staying had "ordered" x-rated movies. They weren't channel-surfing, and happened to land on HBO, but rather they actually made the phone calls to order these movies.
Again, I wish I could have heard your sermon yesterday.