Tuesday, December 20, 2005

That's a Wrap

Today, Beverly and I, along with our granddaughter Malaya, are going to Waco to see my brother John and some of his family. John is a minister in Florida, and so we don't get to see them very often. His wife, Dianne, is also from the Austin area, so they are going to see parents -- but we're going to meet for lunch. I look forward to that.

In our home, I am the official gift wrapper. My family accuses me of being Monk (have you seen the TV show?). It takes me forever to wrap. I would estimate that I spend 15-18 hours every Christmas just wrapping our gifts. Carefully placing every piece of tape. Cutting with care to get the seams just right. And then. And then. AND THEN -- Christmas morning comes. Paper flies! No one notices the well-placed pieces of tape. No one acknowledges how nicely the seams come together.

Then, 1-1/2 hours later -- it's over! All that work -- stuffed into garbage bags and thrown away.

Oh, well. It sure beats being the shopper. That's Beverly's gig. At least while I wrap, I can watch a ballgame, or reruns of Gunsmoke.


jenny biz said...

You didn't mention that you use a yardstick to actually measure and calculate your paper:)
We are grateful Dad and I think this year we should have a moment of "Wrapping Appreciation" before we begin the chaos!

Randy said...

The appearance of the packages I wrapped this year is incredibly sloppy. I'd druther hoe weeds.