Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Heading North

Tomorrow morning, Beverly and I will be flying to Pittsburgh for Tommy Maddox' gala tomorrow night. I would like to ask you to be in prayer about this. Tommy will be speaking, and I would ask that you lift him up to the Father -- that he will feel the peace and presence of the Spirit and that the Lord will speak boldly through him.

Friday, Beverly will be speaking at a luncheon being put on by Jennifer Maddox. There will be a number of the Steeler's wives there. Please be praying for Beverly during that time. She wants so much to give them a message from the Lord. I am confident that she will. But pray that the Father will direct her heart to just the words that these women need to hear.

I have a tough assignment, too. I will be playing golf on Friday. Please pray that I will get a hole-in-one (Hey, come on. I've never had one! I figure all of the fervent prayers of you righteous folks can accomplish much).

Blessings! Rick

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