Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Disciple-ettes

When we think of Jesus traveling Palestine to preach the good news of the Kingdom of God, we usually think of the 12 apostles walking with him. But Luke tells us that in that nomadic band there were also some women. He mentions three of them by name.

There was Mary (called Magdalene) -- from whom Jesus had cast 7 demons. She is mentioned on a number of occasions in the Gospels.

There was Joanna, the wife of Cuza. Luke tells us that Cuza was the manager of Herod's household. I can only imagine some of the discussions that took place between Herod and Cuza over that issue. Herod: "I'm told that your wife is traveling around with Jesus of Nazareth. You know he claims to be king? I'm thinking it isn't such a good idea for my household manager's wife to be following him. Do you get my drift?" Cuza: "Herod, she's a 1st-century woman -- with a mind of her own."

Then, there is a woman named Susanna. I don't learn anything about her from Luke. But don't you cry for me. Luke also says that there were many other women.
Catch this: Luke tells us that these women were helping to support Jesus and his followers out of their own means. I'm betting that Judas was very polite to them. After all, they were helping to fatten the account that he was skimming off of.

I'm reminded today of how blessed we are by the women who minister among us. And I don't mean that in a patronizing way: "The church wouldn't be where it is today without the women (but stay in your place)." That is often the bone that is thrown to them.

Listen: I am so blessed to be able to stand in the shadow of a woman who is a spiritual giant. She has instilled in our family a depth of faith in God that leaves me speechless. Her example has moved me from a "satisfied with mediocrity" Christian to one who is hungry for God.

Praise God for faithful women! Keep on dragging us guys along! Someday, we might get it too!

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Josh Ross said...

Luke does liberate women far more than any other gospel. It is interesting to see it carried out through the book of Acts too. Women prophesy, pray, disciple, and if we read 1 Timothy 2 right, they are deaconesses. In fact, I believe that every house church spoken of in the NT is a woman's. Ummm... Good thougths.