Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Calm in the Storm

This morning, I was reading about the time when the apostles were crossing the Sea of Galilee. A storm arose so that the boat was about to be swamped. The disciples were afraid they were going to drown. And Jesus? Well, Jesus was asleep!

So, they woke him up. He got up and rebuked the storm. All became calm. Then he asked them, "Where is your faith?" I have struggled with that statement many times. Why did he ask them that? "Where is your faith?" They had faith that he would do something, or they would not have awakened him. So, were they supposed to have faith that they would not drown? Were they supposed to have faith that nothing bad would ever happen to them? Let me remind you that they all (except John) died a violent martyr's death.

I have struggled with the answer to this, and I don't think I like it. But I believe it. I think Jesus is saying, "When you are in the middle of a storm, and I am there with you -- that's enough. Even if you drown in the storm -- I'm enough. So, set aside your fear -- even when you are in the middle of a situation you have no control over. Don't be in awe of the storm. Be in awe of me."

Thank you, Jesus. Let me find calm in the midst of my storm, because you are enough. Please just keep reminding me of that. Keep readjusting my gaze from the fierceness of the storm to the faithfulness of my God.


Anonymous said...

I have been consumed with this 'faith' concept lately. In our Friday morning Bible study the author states that all faith begins in fear -- then the choice is ours. I choose faith and I'm delighted to share my life with a man that does too! Bev Ross

Anonymous said...

Praise God He is enough!! What a mess our human thoughts make of ourselves sometimes!! May the devil not gain that victory in me!! Thanks for the thought, Dad! Love ya'!! Jen

off shore fisherman said...

Thanks for the good word.