Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mr. Rogers

I just finished reading a book about Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) entitled, "I am So Proud of You." Written by Tim Madigan of the Star-Telegram, it is basically a recounting of their friendship and exchanging of letters through the years.

I came away from the book with an admiration of Mr. Rogers. The target of jokes from media types and the general public for years, this man took it all with an incredibly gracious spirit. He never lost sight of his goal: Letting children know that they are loved.

He was a deeply-spiritual man. His outlook on life inspires me. He was a good friend of Henri Nouwen's (another deeply-spiritual man from whom I have been inspired to dive deeper). His unconditional loving spirit seems almost other-worldly.

My attention has been grabbed in recent times by how much those whom I consider to be deeply spiritual talk a lot about the "thin line (or veil) between this life and the next." I don't know for sure what to make of it, but I am spending more time thinking about it.

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Jeff said...

I'm beginning to sense that line is thinner than I ever imagined with each passing day. I have heard stories in the past about Mr. Rogers and his great love and concern for people. I wish more people like him made the daily news. I might watch it again.