Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Just Want to Be Where You Are

This morning in my daily devotional, I came to a verse in the Gospel of John. Now if there is any book in the Bible that I know, it's the Gospel of John. But as I read the verse, I asked myself, "How have I missed this?" I have read it like I ASSUMED it was being said rather than the way Jesus said it.

Here is the verse, found in John 12: 26: "Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be." Don't miss that! Because here is the way my mind has filtered it for years: "Where my servant is, there I will be."

Now, I believe the way I have "heard" it is true. But that's not what Jesus said here. He said, "Where I am, my servant also will be." I want to be a faithful servant of Jesus. And so, I need to be in tune with my Master enough to know where He is. And wherever He is, that's where I need to be.

So, where is Jesus?


Kyle R. said...

That's a great question.

My quick answer would be that he's everywhere because he's God. But that's too easy. I know what you're really asking.

At least one place I know Jesus is is wherever there's a penitent heart that's looking for him.

Another place is a believer that's in need.

Anonymous said...

Please continue this blog. You have no idea how you might be changing a life....either by a comment you make...or mentioning a book you are can greatly change a life. You insightfulness is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

To blindly go where God wants us to go is scary. When I have followed that verse in the past, it often led to misunderstandings within my family....but always when i prayed for a humble heart, and let God lead me where he was worth it. I haven't trusted God in the past few years enough to go where He is.. I'm unhappy with my surroundings and my life...Your blog has given me some things to consider. While the changes God led me to were hard, it was so peaceful. Thank-you for the direction.