Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taking Back Christmas?

Wow! Did Cliff Lee pull a fast one or what? Going back to Philly. Oh well, at least he didn't sell out to the Yankees.

Mavs fans will probably hope I don't watch any more Mavs' games. I do a lot of double-tasking when I am watching TV. I watch parts of the Mavs' games at times, but I don't JUST watch. However, last night I was not feeling well, so I watched the whole game. They went up by 20 points, and then decided to take the night off. So much for their win streak. Sorry, Mavs' fans. I'll start watching the Lakers or the Heat.

I tend to want to get caught up in the politicizing of Christmas along with many others. All of the "this is America, and the season is about Christ." But you know what? We sound like a bunch of spoiled whiners. For Christians, it IS about Christ. But we live in a very secular society.

Besides, I can't picture Jesus, if He were still in the flesh, whining because the world did not recognize His birthday. He would simply continue to live and serve and make a difference. He would not lower Himself to the level of His culture. In fact, He would even turn the other cheek. "Taking back Christmas" sounds threatening, doesn't it? Trying to strong-arm our way seems to be out of character from the One we are wanting to honor.


Jeff said...

If I could just learn to put Christ into every day, I'd be a lot better off.

Kyle R. said...

It's my understanding that many non-Chrisitians view the call to "take back Christmas" by Christians as a political,right wing, thinly veiled hate inspired movement.

Of course, it's not, I don't believe by the majority of Christians.

But how much more opposite from the real Christ could that be, as it is perceived by the world?

You're right. Non-believers are not persuaded by Christian activism in the political world. Quite the opposite: they're turned away.

Here's what I'm going to do about it: I'm going to celebrate Christmas with my friends and family and thank God for the birth of his Son regardless of whoever in this world "owns" Christmas.