Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This Guy Can Pitch

I am trying to keep my expectations tempered right now about the Rangers making the World Series. Surely Cliff Lee could tough it up and pitch today and tomorrow.

That was some of the most awesome pitching I have ever seen. The only more dominant pitching I can remember was back in 1986 when Mike Scott was in his stride for the Astros -- throwing the nastiest split-finger fastballs ever. Of course he was probably doctoring the ball, too. The only doctoring Lee is doing is throwing laser-precision pitches within centimeters of where he wants them.

I keep saying "If only" right now -- thinking back to game 1. One game at a time, boys.

And I'm also hoping that Lee really likes Texas. I like him and want him to remain a Ranger. It would be sad to see him join the traitors ARod and Teixeira in Yankee pinstripes next year.


Jeff said...

Here is what a friend texted me last night:


He has to be the best pitcher in baseball. I know Halladay is good, I know CC is good, I know Lincecum is good but Lee is the best. Maybe I'm biased.

Kyle R. said...

Yes, indeed, this guy can pitch and pitch extraordinarily well when it matters-- in the postseason. It certainly leads us to forget the let up he had a few weeks ago.

Let's just take them one game at a time...we are playing the Yankees and they are resilient and experienced. But you've got to like our chances after last night.

Cliff Lee is going to be a very wealthy man after this season... check that... a very wealthier man. I hope he's a Ranger too. I suspect he will be because Chuck Greenburg has already said he, CLiff Lee, is worth whatever he gets paid next season.

Go Rangers!

yankeestom said...

Did you start referring to A-Roid as a traitor when he signed with Texas, or just when the team traded him to New York three years later? Just curious about whether or not I should boo Lee if he comes to New York next year; after all, he'd be turning his back on the Rangers after spending 14 long weeks with them.

Josh Ross said...

Texas isn't quit like Arkansas, but there are plenty of people who met, dated, and were married in less than 14 weeks. Plus, it's one thing to turn your back on Hicks, it's another thing to turn your back on Nolan Ryan. He might just straight up "robin ventura" you.

yankeestom said...

True Josh, but those people usually end up divorced 6 months later... :)

You're right about Ryan though--Ventura certainly found out what happens when you go visit Nolan in his office!