Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It is Officially a Bust

Just when a defeat of the Cowboys might have sent General Manager Jones a clear message that he is in WAY over his head, he is handed a lame excuse for the failure of the "best 1-4 team in the league" (his words). Tony Romo went down last night with a broken collarbone, so now the Cowboys' season is in peril. Yes, the quarterback that had led this preseason favorite for the Super Bowl (Jerry's prediction, as well as others) to a 1-4 record is now out for 6-8 weeks. Their future looked bright if he hadn't gotten hurt -- but now? Now things are going to be really tough.


How long will Cowboy fans keep buying this snake oil? The only way to change the future of the Cowboys is for true Cowboy fans to let Jerry know they are onto him by withholding their padding of his wallet. That is the only language he understands. I still say if not for what he was handed when he bought the team back in 1989 (the Hershel Walker trade), this man would have delivered 21 years of drought. Instead, it has only been 15 years.

Heal quickly, Tony. I hope that bone heals stronger than ever, because you have a lot to carry on your back.

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Jeff said...

Someone told me there was a football game on last night. I was flipping around and found an updated version of the Keystone Cops wearing football uniforms but I couldn't find a game on TV.

Go Rangers!