Monday, October 18, 2010

A Great Week

Beverly and I have returned from a wonderful trip to the Port Aransas area. This included two nights in San Antonio as well. We managed to eat three meals in San Antonio: One at Mi Tierra and two at La Margarita. We sat outside on a beautiful Friday night and found ourselves wishing we could stay for hours.

Our time on the coast was just what the doctor ordered. Beverly finds the surf to be extremely therapeutic, and she got to spend three days sitting on the beach. I find the golf course to be equally therapeautic. So, she would drop me and my college roommate off at the golf course, and she and his wife would drive over the dunes to the beach 2 minutes away. It was perfect.

We ate as some good restaurants that overlooked the yacht basin. Wonderful times!

We are SO indebted to the couple who allowed us to use their house in Aransas Pass. Each morning we would get up and go sit on the patio with a cup of coffee, our bibles and devotional books. About lunch time, we would head in to eat and prepare for the afternoon. I think I could get used to such a schedule:)

Go Rangers! Beat the Evil Empire!

Unbelievably, Dale Hanson still leads each sportscast with 5 minutes of the Cowboys -- followed by passing mention of the Rangers. Jerry grins all the way to the bank.

We didn't have cable or satellite on the coast, so we followed game 5 of the Rangers-Rays series on my blackberry. We thought we would catch the highlights on the Corpus news that night. So we tuned in. The 1st story was about 3 minutes on the local high school girls' cross-country team. This was followed by a play-by-play of the girls' volleyball game. At the end of the broadcast, the sportscaster said, "And congratulations to the Rangers."


Kyle R. said...

Glad y'all had a good, relaxing trip.

Smaller market news is sort of funny that way. But it's almost refreshing.

I remember when we moved to Abilene all those years ago watching the evening news and the lead story was the Abilene Police Dept. patrol cars getting new decals. I distinctly remember thinking that there's no way a story like that would even get a mention, much less be the lead story in the DFW metroplex.

Jeff said...

I think sports reporters forget that the Rangers can play baseball in mid-October. I would think that their winning would be much bigger news than the Cowboys losing but maybe it's because I don't watch the Cowboys anymore and don't really care what happens to them.

I'm glad it was a great week. I think I could get used to your schedule also.

Kyle R. said...

I think Jeff's right-- our sports reporters forgot or didn't know the Rangers could play in October.

I haven't watched a Cowboys game all season thus far. I don't think that's has ever occurred in my life. But I've got to say Jerry Jones has lead me to indifference to the Cowboys. I'm not even sure he cares as long as he's rolling in the bucks...which he is because of the stadium.