Monday, October 25, 2010

Rangers in the World Series!

I really never expected to be writing a blog on this subject: The Texas Rangers are going to the World Series! They pretty much annihilated the 2nd-best AL team that money couldn't secure a championship for. That is a huge victory in and of itself -- beating the Yankees. From here on is icing on the cake.

Just think: The Rangers are only two victories away from being World Champions. I say that assuming that Cliff Lee will deliver two victories -- so it's really a 2 out of 5 series after that (I'm saying that with a smile, OK).

I challenged our congregation yesterday to "A Conspiracy of Kindness." I am hoping that our Lifegroups spent time last night brainstorming ways in which we can practice kindness throughout Wise County. I know our Lifegroup came up with some good ideas as the holidays approach.

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