Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Off to Memphis

Thursday morning Beverly and I will head east to Memphis, Tennessee. We are going there to celebrate August 21st. For 33 years, that was the day we celebrated our anniversary. Now it has been hijacked from us by a cute little dude named Noah. Saturday is his 1st birthday. So we will celebrate our anniversary later.

34 years! Wow! That makes me sound old. I will tell you this: The incredible woman I married on August 21, 1976 just keeps getting better and better. I have had a ringside seat of watching her be transformed into the image of Jesus. And the serendipity of that is that she has pulled me along with her. What a woman!

We will stay over in Memphis until Sunday. I am going to preach at two services Sunday morning, and Beverly and I will be involved in a parenting Bible Class. I am looking forward to that!

There is something else I am looking forward to as well. Thursday night. On arriving in Memphis, we are going to eat pork ribs. Bring 'em on!

Please keep us in your prayers. While so much of this weekend is going to be about celebrating, Sunday also marks 6 months since Jenny went to be with Jesus. Like the sky, her memory covers everything we do.

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Jeff said...

I was still 11 years old in August of 1976.

I hope the trip goes well, you get your fill of ribs and Sunday is a day of glory for what God is doing in your lives in the midst of the suffering you still endure. My prayer goes with you on this trip.