Monday, August 16, 2010

No Do-Over

Yesterday in my sermon, I mentioned in passing about Uzzah, who committed a "letter-of-the-law" infraction by touching the Ark of the Covenant as it tipped -- and was zapped. I also mentioned Nadab and Abihu, who offered "strange fire" before the Lord -- and were zapped.

Yesterday I watched a true-to-life zapping. Dustin Johnson came to the 18th hole in the PGA Championship needing a par to win. He ended up bogeying the hole, and was walking off the green thinking he was headed to a 3-man playoff.

At that point, he was informed by an official that he had grounded his club in a bunker on his 2nd shot on 18. This was a little area of sand that the crowds had been sitting in and walking through. I have NEVER seen a tournament in which this has been the case. It didn't have the appearance of a bunker. Yet the rules said it was. Result? Zapped. Two-shot penalty. Instead of a tie for 1st, he dropped to a tie for 5th.

I felt so sorry for Dustin. It didn't seem fair. No room for grace. No do-over. No 2nd chance.

Imagine if that was the way it was with God today. Any violation of the letter of the law -- ZAP! No room for grace.

Actually, I don't want to imagine it. As a result, instead of hiding in fear of a zapping -- I run TO the One who offers grace and forgiveness.

Thank you, Father, for the One who purchased my pardon. I praise you, Jesus, for new life.

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Anonymous said...

It's amazing how God puts thoughts on His people's hearts. I'm using those exact stories (minus Dustin Johnson) this coming Sunday in my sermon.

I felt terrible for Dustin too. Noone would have thought he was in a bumker. But the whole posting of signs kind of covers the PGA officials. And Dustin admitted to not reading them.

I wonder if the PGA is going to comment on Flaherty's outspoken comments.