Monday, August 09, 2010

Gear Up, 2

Yesterday our church experienced our 2nd "Gear Up." Although we did not have nearly as many people show up this year, it was still an incredible opportunity to be Jesus to our community. I think our members receive as much or more blessing from serving than do those being served. We had well over 250 volunteers!

I am so thankful for the vision of a handful of our women that has made this a reality.

Tiger Woods, where are you? The #1 player in the world has fallen off the map! Right now, he is a living testimony to how much our emotions affect other aspects of our lives. I cannot think of another athlete who has shown the ability to get "in the zone" like Tiger has throughout his career. But right now, he is in a different area code.

Many are ready to write him off. That would not be wise. Not yet, anyway.

I am equally amazed at Phil Mickelson. For the last several weeks he has been given prime opportunities to take over the #1 spot. With Tiger's dismal showing over the weekend, all Phil had to do was finish 4th or better -- which is where he was after two rounds. So he proceeded to shoot 78 on Sunday! Go figure.


Jeff said...

Those golfers just don't have the moxie to hang in like the NASCAR guys do they?

This may be a post for me soon but I'm really worn out reading the "Tiger jokes" on Facebook that my good Christian brothers and sisters are posting. Maybe I'm just overly compassionate to fallen people who are struggling right now. I probably need to have some compassion for the people telling the jokes too. They may simply be deflecting to hide their own pain.

I wish we could find a way to Gear Up for something more often. I haven't had the creative flash yet to tell me what that might be but I enjoy seeing the people and feel so good about our body when I hear people say "thank you for doing this" because even while they are saying it to me I know it is to the glory of God.

randy said...

Gear Up does the members who volunteer more good than it does those to whom we gave backpacks. And it should.