Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

Observations from the weekend of sports:
  • I like Colt McCoy. A lot. But he did himself no favors in his bid for a Heisman Trophy Saturday night. Oh, well. Maybe if that pressure were removed from his back, he could focus on the bigger prize -- a national championship.
  • Nebraska experienced deja vu Saturday. They outplayed Virginia Tech throughout the game only to loose by one point on the final play. The same thing happened last year.
  • How long before the Cow-sheep start jumping off of the Tony "Oh-no" Romo bandwagon? He scored a lot of points last night! 30 for his team, and 17 for the Giants.
  • Demarcus Ware is a GREAT football player, and I doubt we have even seen his best. Ditto Jason Witten.
  • Flozell Adams is the kind of professional athlete that makes me dislike professional sports. He is a thug. How does this guy make the Pro Bowl? He misses a lot of blocks -- thus the league-leading holding penalties. And last night's cowardly leg-whip that injured a Giants player made me sick. Is he Eric Williams' clone?
  • Jerry Jones probably doesn't care a whole lot about last night's score. He packed his monument with over 105,000 people. At an average ticket of $180, that's nearly $19 million dollars -- just in ticket sales! That does not include concessions and $50 parking. He is a shrewd businessman (actually, snake-oil salesman is more accurate). If only he would realize -- after 12 years of mediocrity --that he is NOT a football man. But megamaniacs seldom see the truth about themselves.
  • The Rangers pulled their disappearing act again this year. They just waited until September instead of late July.
  • Am I sounding kind of cynical today?
  • FedEx Cup week! I want to see it come down to Tiger or Steve Stricker. Either one of them winning it would make me happy.

I read with interest an article yesterday about where Texas would fit within the world if we were to secede from the United States. We would rank right behind Canada in national economies! I'm not predicting that this secession idea is going to gain huge momentum, but there are now at least 15 states that have some level of activity in this.


Jeff said...

Being a Rangers fan, I am much happier with them fading from the race in September instead of June.

I pulling for Stricker in the FedEx cup. I don't have a clue who he is but I'm ready for someone other than Tiger to win. Nothing against Tiger, I'm for more competition.

Jerry does have a knack for producing revenue.

My favorite moment of last night's game was the shot of John Madden and George Bush talking. I would have loved to heard that conversation.

Beverly Ross said...

Sounds ilke you are really missing me???

Rick Ross said...

For me to sit and watch the Jerry Jones show ought to convince you how much I miss you.

kaw said...

No offense to Jacob, but I have no use for "Arkansas" Jones. I am sure that he has a giving heart for someone somewhere, other than himself, but I can't help but think of those like him when I read about Lazerus and the rich man. I hope I am not being judgmental.

Lauren said...

Rick you don't know me, but I attend Highland C of C in Abilene and my dad Rob serves as an elder in our church. We've been at Highland for 17 years, since I was in 4th grade. Anyway, ever since Josh interned and finished his M.Div work in Abilene and as a part of Highland, I've had a great deal of respect for him and for the man of Christ he is. He did such a wonderful job yesterday. It was really such a Sprit-saturated message given to us through the Holy Spirit moving and speaking through Josh. I just wanted to say that God, you, and Beverly did such a wonderful job raising a son to make such godly and wise choices. Thanks for sharing him with the world! Many blessings to the Ross family!
Lauren Cunningham

Rick Ross said...

Thank you for such kind words. God has been SO good to us, and we are very proud of the way He is using Josh. Wish I could have been there yesterday.

randy said...

I watched no sports this weekend.

Texas can't succeed from the union because we wouldn't have enough prairie dogs.