Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congressman WIlson is a Racist?

Beverly and I were having a discussion this morning concerning the over-the-top, out-of-line behavior of Congressman Joe Wilson, who called President Obama a liar last week. I absolutely agree that his behavior was embarrassing and unacceptable. I am disappointed that many of our Texas Republican representatives did not agree with the vote to censure his remarks. But when I heard Jimmy Carter this morning say that the comment was motivated by racism -- to me THAT was also over the top.

In my opinion, we are currently reaping the seeds that were sown during the Clinton years. When the Republicans attempted to impeach him over his perjury (and wound his presidency), the Democrats rallied the troops. They were determined to get their pound of flesh. So when George Bush became president, they were on him like ravenous dogs. Harry Reid called him a loser and a liar. He later apologized for the "loser" comment -- but not the "liar." This went on for 8 years.

Now, the Republicans are wanting to extract revenge for that. It is an ugly cycle, and it makes me wonder when it will end and they can actually get about the business of SERVING the American public.

I fear that the Democrats' defense for any charge brought against Obama is going to be, "Those comments were racially motivated." That is a cheap shot. I don't know, maybe Congressman WIson is a racist. I have heard nothing to support that other than Carter's and some other's accusations. But I am hopeful that President Obama's ideas can be discussed -- and disagreed with if necessary -- without the person in question being labeled a racist.


Kyle R. said...

I agree that President Carter's remarks seem really over the top.

One way to solve (or at least start to solve) the problems with Washington would be to clean house with our elections. I mean it... no elected officials that have ever held office in Washington DC. I know that would remove some of the good men and women that do serve, but maybe that's necessary. Outlaw special interest groups... even down to the American Dental Association. That would be a start.

Having said that-- I don't put my hope in any politician.

Jeff said...

I met a man yesterday who is planning to run for office and made the statement "I won't change." I hope that is true but I haven't seen many people go to Washington and not change.

I was a fan of Ross Perot a few years back because, as painful as it might have been, I do think he would have put in motion a desire to get government back to what it should be.

I like Kyle's idea but don't think I'll ever see a housecleaning. I would like to see it but I have lost faith in our country's government to truly represent the people.

Kyle R. said...

I also need to clarify that I most certainly do not condone Rep. Wilson's behavior. I did not mention that earlier. What he did exhibited lack of personal self control and was entirely disrepecful of the office of President of the United States.


I doubt we'll ever see a house cleaning either. But I believe the American people could do it if we set our minds to it and followed through over the course of 10 years or so. As implausible as that sounds, maybe, just maybe we could do it. National security would be one of our biggest concerns perhaps during the transition.