Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Noah James

Here is a picture of my newest grandson, Noah James Ross. This is his 17-day old picture. He is in deep thought, mulling over the theory of relativity.

We were able to spend some time this weekend with our oldest grandchild. When Beverly met her parents halfway to Keller last night to drop her off, she began crying. Her mother said she cried for hours because she missed us. What can I say? I'm just a wild and crazy guy!

We are planning to be with our Houston grandkids for a couple of days at the end of this week. Last time, Jonathan and I took Jed golfing with us. On the 1st hole, he grabbed his shortened driver, walked up on the tee -- and said, "Where's the hole." I like that!

You know how much I admire Tiger Woods. Great golfer. Great humanitarian. Can be a little testy at times when he's not playing well. But I wonder how any of us would handle scrutiny of every move we make. Anyway, I have been hoping someone would come along to challenge him. Mickelson has given us glimpses of that. Els, Singh, Garcia and Scott have not.

But maybe we have found the guy: Steve Stricker. When he first came along, there were some high expectations from him. But he disappeared into mediocrity for several years. About 4 years ago, he got his game (and mental outlook) together, and he has been playing great since. With yesterday's gutsy win, he has moved up to #2 in the world golf rankings. He and Tiger are good friends, and it is said that he and Kenny Perry are considered the nicest guys on the tour. That is being salt and light -- as both are very open about their being disciples of Jesus.

I look forward to seeing how the last two tournaments in the chase for the FedEx cup play out. Tiger and Stricker will be paired together for the 1st two rounds this week. Should be fun.


kaw said...

You are one of the most admirable and blessed men I have had the privaledge to know.

Rick Ross said...


You are too kind. I CERTAINLY have been blessed!

Jeff said...

I could be wrong but that looks more like a "why would someone be a Cornhusker fan instead of rooting for the Longhorns?" look to me.