Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Moral Quandary

If you read Jeff Jones' blog from yesterday. then you will figure out that he and I had lunch together. As we were talking, a waiter (not ours) turned to us to tell a joke. I never like those situations to begin with. You know, where you feel obligated to laugh so as not to appear rude. Well, it was one of those awkward moments, as he delivered the punchline, where I hadn't yet gotten the joke -- but it was where one is supposed to laugh. A half-laugh came out -- when I realized that he had just told me a racial joke! Then he was gone.

For a moment, I was sick. I looked over at Jeff, and he was looking back at me with a similar expression. Now I am in a quandary. I don't know what to do. As a minister and a board member of WARM -- someone who wants to draw our community to racial equality -- I don't feel like I can stay silent about this.

I think at this point I will write the restaurant a letter and express to them my revulsion at this waiter's joke. Any advice?


Josh Ross said...

Call up one of your minority friends in Decatur...take them to the restaurant...and then call over the same server and say, "Hey, tell my friend that joke you told me the other day."

I think writing a letter would be a good move.

I'm glad I wasn't there.

Josh Ross said...

One more seems that God isn't allowing you to let this go. I pray for him to speak a clear word into your life.
You are a great minister and disciple and it's cool to see the way you surrender your life to him.

kaw said...

I want to ask what kind of tip you left? It would seem like a perfect opportunity for a note written in Christian love why there would be no financial gratuity forthcoming. That can be a strong motivational life lesson for a young person just starting out in adult life.

Rick Ross said...


I did write an email to the owner and have heard back from him. He apologized and said he would talk to the young man.


I may not have been clear. The young man who told the joke was not our waiter. I guess he just thought we needed to hear his trash.