Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weather, Michael and Junkers

OK, a couple of days ago I wrote complaining about the lack of rain here in Decatur. Well, last night we were blessed with 2-1/2 inches! Nice. This weather pattern has been a welcomed break from the normal late-July weather. Highs in the upper 80s and low 90s!

I feel badly for the people in south Texas who are in a SEVERE drought. There is hope on the horizon, however. An El Nino has developed that should bring more than normal rainfall to Texas over the coming months. Let's hope (and pray) so.

I have affirmed in an earlier blog that Michael Jackson was one of the most talented artists in my lifetime. However, it really is time to move on to something else, news people! GMA this morning was interviewing his chef! Come on!

Just curious, because I'm not REAL sure how I feel about it myself. How do you feel as a tax payer to know that you are subsidizing someone's clunker trade-in to the tune of $4,500 so that they can buy a new car?

I have changed the settings on my comment section of this blog. I had a filter in place to prevent spam, but as a result some people were having trouble posting a comment. So now, if you comment -- it will not appear until I can approve it. This way I can still prevent spammers from hitting my blog. But this should allow for anyone to comment.

Let me know if you try to comment, but can't.

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kaw said...

I welcome the change in SOP. Give thanks for the rain and pray that they will continue with regularity, esp. from Waco south.