Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Classified Ads

These are real, honest-to-goodness classified ads. I hope they show up clearly.

The cheapskate in me is considering a name change.
The knife, baseball bat and billy club didn't really get Mr. Davis' attention. But the deadly rolling pin? Sounds like his wife had broken him in on its dangers.
Hard for me to believe, how about you? How lucky can the Feds get?

Yes, we English-reading folks immediately picked up on that blatant error.

And people think dogs aren't smart! Apparently, they are all multi-lingual.


Jeff said...

I like those Homer - you do want me to go ahead and start calling you Homer - right? I'm just wondering if Beverly is going to change her last name to match.

Beverly Ross said...

I don't think so, Tim! And I refuse to call you Homer!!!! No way - you can't make me do it! And you know how submissive I usually am! Don't say I'm not...

randy said...


Nobody named Davis would be intimidated by a rolling pin, baseball bat, or billy club (or all of them for that matter)