Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Steven Curtis Chapman

I would refer you to my son Josh's blog ( or click on the link on my blogsite) and watch the clip of Steven Curtis Chapman receiving a dove award for artist of the year. He is an incredible person of faith -- as is his entire family. Last year about this time, one of his sons accidentally backed over and killed one of his daughters in the family's driveway. Their journey of faith has been painful, but one they have shared publicly. I watched them on Larry King Live as they openly admitted to their pleas of "Why, God?" -- while still holding firmly to their trust in Him.

These kinds of people are not the ones who get the national media press. Imagine if a Hollywood celebrity's child was killed in a similar accident! But they are certainly the salt and light and quietly-working leaven of the world -- which each of us has also been called to be. THESE are the difference-makers.

God's blessing on the Chapman family!

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