Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's LIke Christmas Eve

Tonight, my son Jonathan will be speaking at our church. He has been on staff at the Bammel Road Church of Christ in Houston for several years now. He is a worship leader, but also an excellent speaker. I am looking forward to seeing him and his family.

Do you remember the feeling you had as a kid on Christmas eve? Let me tell you who are not yet grandparents: That is the same feeling I have when my grandkids are coming. Last night, Jonathan and his family stayed in Keller with my daughter, Jenny and her family. We are fortunate to have them closer, as we get to see Malaya (grandchild #1) fairly regularly. But we still get excited about that, too!

So, Beverly and I have been on pins and needles! They should arrive here around noon today. I can't wait to see Jed and Jocelyn!

And we are really missing Truitt! His brother will be joining us in a month or so -- due at the end of August. Noah James will be his name. Again, it's like Christmas eve. The trip to Memphis when we get word is going to seem like forever.


Jeff said...

I'm wondering if you will have as much fun preparing to outfit the boys with golf clubs as Beverly has had with the American Girl dolls.

randy said...

Jonathan is welcome to preach here anytime we need a speaker. He had an excellent message.