Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Childlike Faith

Today I am conducting the funeral service of Gerald Polley.  Gerald passed away Saturday after a long and courageous battle with cancer. His younger brother died the day before of a cerebral hemorrhage after visiting Gerald.  This has been a really tough week for this family. 

One of the blessings in it, though, has been getting to see Brent and Kristi -- Gerald and Cheryl's oldest son and his wife.  They have recently moved to Mississippi, and I have missed them dearly.  Today in the service I am going to share a couple of observations from their young sons -- but I wanted to share them here too.

Brandon (about 8 years old) said, "I'm going to call Grandpa on his cell phone and ask him what heaven looks like."  He also wanted to know what kind of cake they would have at the funeral.

After Gerald had died Saturday, Topher (about 6) asked, "Has Grandpa's soul left his body?"   Being told that it had, he looked up toward the sky and waved.

The wisdom and faith of a child.  We can learn a lot.    


Beverly Ross said...

How precious! I love to hear what children think! Thanks so much for sharing these stories.

Jeff said...

I hope one day to have the wisdom that comes from seeking God and the faith that is as simple and pure as a child's.