Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Pride

When we were in Alaska, we missed out on a week of Texas' worst heat.  Four days of 105 or above during that week!  Since we have come back, except for a couple of days, the weather has had a feel of Fall to it.  Highs in the 80s!  And this morning I awoke to RAIN!  With more in the forecast.  It is wonderful!

When I was a kid (in the midst of the Cold War), the Olympics were about which form of government was better.  We always wanted to beat those cheatin' Russians in the medal counts -- to prove a point (?).

Now that we find ourselves in a more global community, I don't watch the Olympics with quite the same nationalistic fervor.  Oh, I still root for the US of A.  But I enjoy watching the great athletes from around the globe.

I guess it's a good thing, because we are getting smoked by China!  As of this morning, China had 39 gold medals to our 21.  Take away Michael Phelps, and we would have a paltry 13!  Someone's saying, "Yeah, but we are leading in the total medal count."  And they would be right.  We are way ahead of China in silvers (23 to 14) and bronzes (26 to 14).  Yee-ha!  We are better at 2nd and 3rd place.  What is it someone once said?  Winning 2nd place is like kissing your sister.

Funny.  I looked on the Official Olympic website where it has listed the current TOTAL medal counts.  China has themselves listed 1st.

I am about to call and check on my brother and his family.  They live outside of Tampa, Florida.  Join me in praying that this hurricane brings them some much-needed rain without bringing destruction.         


Jeff said...

Those Jamaicans are fast. I watched the women last night and couldn't decide what struck me most...the speed of the winner or the giant smile on her face.

randy said...

I can't get excited about it. Very few of the shooting sports are televised

Jonathan said...

no possible way those chinese gymnasts are 16. or for that matter, 12.