Thursday, August 14, 2008

What Are You Reading?

It was great returning to Crockett last night.  One of the elders who hired me 20 years ago this year -- his wife came straight to me as she walked in, saying in a loud voice, "There is my favorite person."  Wow.  It was a sweet evening.

I do a lot of reading.  I love to read, and that is good -- because that is such a large percentage of what I do.  But for relaxation, guess what I like to do?  Read.

I especially like fiction for my entertainment reading.  I have read everything by Frank Peretti.  I also like Randy Alcorn.  They both write Christian fiction.

But I love John Grisham.  I have also read all of his books.  I have tried to read Tom Clancy. One of his books I really enjoyed, but I have had trouble getting into other ones.  His books have made some really good movies, though.   And while on the Alaska trip, I picked up a paperback Louis L'amore book.  I am now on my 3rd one.  His books are pretty much the same, but yet enough different to hook you.  Old westerns.  Each one has the feel of an old western movie.  He was a prolific writer, so I might be reading him for a while.

What is your favorite read?   


Jeff said...

For "mind candy" I like to read Vince Flynn. If you don't like much violence, stay away from his books but if you like 24, you'll probably like them.

I also read a lot of David Baldacci books and Robert Ludlum's stuff.

For business (and life) parable type books, I like Ken Blanchard. Also, The Servant by James Hunter may be my favorite business parable story.

Jonathan said...

i mostly read Elmo right now

kaw said...

Biographies and Histories...I don't muck care for someone telling me what highly effective people do, I like to read for my self and see where they succeeded and failed (assuming the author is a learned academian). I think that is why I like the old testament so much. (And after further reading in 1st Kings, I have modified my previous position as to the courage Elijah might have posessed when meeting Ahab)