Monday, November 15, 2004

I'm Back!

What a special week Beverly and I enjoyed in Crockett! God brought revival! We had about 14 rededications and a baptism. I pray that the Lord will continue to feed the flame of revival there.

The Grace Street church in Crockett is so very special to us. Going back is always like going home. Driving around the community and seeing people from our past -- it's like stepping back in time. It seems like there is actually time to stop and take a breath there.

I will say that I am glad the driving is over! I had to come back to Dallas on Tuesday night to teach my class at Amberton. Then I went right back to Crockett. Wednesday night Beverly and I returned home. We worked Thursday, and then she spoke to a group of ladies in Fort Worth on Thursday night. I picked her up at 9:20 PM -- and we were off to Crockett again. This time it was to watch our two boys play in a flag football tournament in Huntsville, TX. Talk about exciting! It was great. We took Beverly's parents with us, and I don't think anyone enjoyed it as much as her dad. The boys' team (an ACU all-star team) placed 5th in the tournament.

Tomorrow, I will return to my daily devotionals from Luke. Thank yous to so many of you who have been encouraging to me about my blogs. Blessings!

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