Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New Friends

As I continue to think back about our trip, one of the great serendipities (aside from the gelato) was that on the 2nd evening we sat next to a couple from California. After only a few minutes, we hit it off with them. From there on, every evening (except when they were on extended excursions) we looked forward to our time with them. We talked about EVERYTHING (from family to faith to politics to movies, etc) -- and on occasion even left dinner after over 2 hours to go somewhere else and visit more.

We toured Rhodes together -- and all fell in love with it. We even teased about how we could all move there. We figured it this way: She is a nurse, so she could work in the local hospital. He works from home anyway, so he could continue to do that and take care of the wash. Beverly could have a full case load in a matter of days. All I would need to do is find someone to support a mission work in Rhodes.

We walked Crete together -- eating gelato and gyros and checking out the local shops. It was marvelous and SO relaxing.

God really gave us an unanticipated blessing in Chip and Mitzi. Now I just wish that they lived closer!

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