Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Serving in the Heat

I spent some time this morning visiting with many of the young people from our church. This week they are involved in projects within our community: working with some of our non-profits, painting houses for elderly residents of Wise County -- as well as other projects. Being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am so proud of them!

Whew! It was already hot just walking from the office down to the church building this morning! We complain a lot about the heat and lack of rain -- and, yes, this year is above normal. But hey: Heat and lack of rain should be no surprise to anyone who chooses to live in this part of Texas. That is called late June, July, August to mid-September.

On a lighter note, Rupert Murdock and his empire is making National Enquirer look more legitimate!

1 comment:

Jeff said...

I'm proud of our kids and so thankful for Jacob's leadership.

I hope they drink lot's of water too.