Monday, May 09, 2011

It's a Sweep!

If I had not been watching it, I never would have believed it. The Mavericks put an old-fashioned whipping on the Lakers yesterday to sweep them. 20 3-point shots made!

Would anyone have believed it last summer if I had predicted that 1. the Rangers would beat the Yankees to get into the World Series and, 2. the Mavericks would SWEEP the Lakers in the playoffs, and 3. Bin Laden would be caught? I'm curious: Which of the three would you have considered most unlikely? least likely?

The Lakers are often lauded for their "class." Really? Two completely indefensible cheap shots in the 4th quarter. Give Kobe Bryant credit for calling them both inexcusable. The Zen master was not as direct. He said it shouldn't have happened, but his team was frustrated. Oh? So can every team that is frustrated start throwing elbows intentionally meant to hurt another player? Come on! Be big boys.

Oh, and the culprits themselves actually tried to defend their cowardice. No words of regret.

Please be praying for the people of Memphis, Tennessee -- as well as other areas along the Mississippi River that face flooding over the next couple of weeks. My oldest son and his family have a passion for Memphis, and so that city is on my mind and in my heart today.

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Jeff said...

I hope Memphis will be safe from damage and destruction.

Kobe is trained in PC-speak after his rape allegations and trial. I don't think he feels any differently about it than Phil or the 2 players. Maybe I'm cynical.

I figured bin Laden would be caught eventually. I thought the Mavs might luck their way into another division championship and possibly the finals. I never thought the Rangers would play for the World Series and the way it's going this year, may never again. Egads.