Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fun with the Grandkids

The last few days have been filled with activity, much like most of you have experienced in the month of May. We were blessed to have our Memphis family (Josh and his family) here for several days, and that was such a treat. Truitt and Noah are so much fun!

Yesterday Jonathan and his family were with us. Beverly and Jennifer were looking through a lot of Jonathan's stuff from when he was a kid, when they came across his pocket New Testament.

Later while Jonathan and I were playing golf, Beverly and Jennifer were in the back yard playing baseball with the kids. When it was Jocelyn's turn to bat, Jed told Beverly he was going to read his Bible (Jonathan's NT). Now, Jed is 4 years old -- nearly 5. He opened the Bible and acted as if he were reading it.

After a few moments, he put it down. He told Beverly that he had found the passage about baseball. She asked him what it said. He said, "It says, 'Be kind when you are playing baseball.'"

It must be buried somewhere in Revelation. It's been a while since I have read that.

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Jeff said...

Is that the New American Baseball Standard Version? I want a copy.