Monday, April 04, 2011

Not Much Monday

If you are thinking about flying a kite here in Decatur today, be sure to wear lead boots.

Well, it's Masters week. From the par 3 competition on Wednesday through the finish on Sunday, I plan to be watching.

Rangers 162-0? It's still a possibility.

The Mavs aren't exactly hitting their stride as the playoffs approach.

I am adding this a little bit after the original blog. I have been keeping it a secret, so forgot that yesterday it became public knowledge. My youngest son, Jonathan, has accepted a job with the DFW fire department. He has long wanted to be a fireman. That means he and his precious family will be moving closer (YEAH!). In fact, they will be moving in with us until they can sell their house and find another.

I am excited!


Jeff said...

I'm happy for Rick and Beverly and Jonathon and his family too. I hope he knows he can live in Decatur and commute to work! Have you mentioned that to him yet? :)

Lauren said...

Congrats to Jonathan! How thrilling for you and Beverly to have J and J closer.

randy said...

Here's another in favor or Jonathan living in Decatur and commuting to Dallas.

bartsirmandvm said...

That's wonderful news Rick. Congratulations to Jonathan and his family.